Group ESG Targets 

As a group, we take a tremendous amount of pride in going above and beyond to ensure we are doing our bit for the environment and the future of our planet and its following population. 

Since the inception of our individual companies, dating back almost 25 years, small steps have been taken in the right direction to underpin each of our projects with elements of sustainability and future proofing. However, over the last few years with a growing global concern for our planet, we have taken significant changes in our business and implemented strategies and targets to play our part more responsibly.

The foundations of the strategies and targets are built on three core pillars:

  1. People
  2. Property
  3. Places


  • Each and everyone of our staff can benefit from the cycle to work scheme and we encourage our staff to walk to work, take public transport and just generally be conscious of their carbon footprint throughout the working day.
  • Wellbeing benefits for our staff including an office Peloton room, gym membership contribution, innovation workshop for collaborative thinking, fair pay and diversity and help with financial planning.
  • Mindfulness in the workplace with bi-annual workshops, in house mentoring schemes, quiet space and breakout areas and more recently flexible working locations.
  • Annual charity events including our hugely popular Chefs’ Night Out raising over £1m in the last 10 years for our very dear friends at Tŷ Hafan, a children’s charity whose mission is to provide free care to life-limited children and their families with the aim of enriching their quality of life. This event is very close to our hearts and was set up by our very own David Loosemore and his wife Ruth in 2010.
  • When we can, we always try to support our local workforces through using local companies which not only helps our micro economy but provides a sense of pride and achievement for locals working on significant projects in their hometowns.  


  • All of our existing workplaces and property portfolio will undergo an interim EPC assessment to ascertain how we can make small changes to improve the energy efficiency of our places.
  • By 2025, all commercial tenants within our portfolio will have green incentives within their lease terms and will be rewarded for hitting those targets. In turn, if we feel like our tenants are behaving in an irresponsible way then we will have the option to serve penalty notices.
  • By 2025, all suppliers will be ISO 14001 accredited.
  • By 2030, all new developments will have an EPC rating of A and we will make a significant effort in getting as close as possible to a Net Zero Carbon building.
  • By 2023, all new developments will include new heat pumps, helping to underpin our EPC target by 2030.
  • If any of our new schemes can safely accommodate Vertical Solar Panels on the facade we will make every effort to incorporate them within our buildings and furthermore with any of our rooftops. 


  • We endeavour to create inspiring places to live and we truly believe one of the key factors for this is creating a sense of community within our schemes. The majority of our schemes have local independents with non competing clauses ensuring a prosperous and enjoyable location for our tenants to house their businesses. In turn this delivers a personable experience to the end users of our schemes.
  • It’s important to help mother nature do what it does best and perform the natural carbon cycle. We understand the importance of having flora and fauna on our sites and we make every effort to include winter gardens, landscaping and tree planting where possible.